Our Pastor's Vision Statement

         "The Eagle Soars"

An imagination is such a wonderful thing.  It is what keeps us looking at the future and its possibilities.  When I let my imagination soar like an eagle in the thermals I am able to see the grand view of what God has in store.

I wonder if you can see that view with me.

Imagine a place where you can retreat from the pressures and busyness of our day to day affairs, where there is a warm and loving environment allowing you to worship and learn.  Here you are accepted and loved just as you are and yet you are challenged to stretch your limits and see the possibilities of what you can become and what you can do for God.  Imagine a place that offers you opportunities to use God given gifts.  A place that provides the support and training you need to use those gifts.

Imagine a people who understand and identify with your cares and problems, your successes and failures.  A people who accept you just as you are, a friendly people who offer encouragement, comfort and unconditional love not condemnation and criticism.

Imagine a church where you can hear dynamic messages that minister  to personal needs and prepare you for daily living.  Where there are ministries designed to help you grow as a Christian and remain close to God.  Where the leaders and teachers are not only knowledgeable in God's Word but are loving, supportive and caring.

Imagine a future time when having soared through the alleys and maneuvered the tangled forest we make our last ascension to the white capped mountain that is home.  Then we will hear our Lord and Master say, "Well done".